10/8/16 - 16/8/16


Aesthetic of Brushstrokes Infusing Impromptu Prescience
ㅡ On the Occasion of Jihyung Kim's Paris Exhibition ㅡ

Recently in the flow of Korean Art, somewhat seemingly buried Korean camaïeu or monochromatic painting has been receiving spotlights and becoming a new object of attention by the world of art globally. Unlike the monochromatic paintings of the Occidental Minimalism in the 60’s to 70‘s which were very simple and static, I perceive the unique Korean natural beauty that’s inherent in its abstract painting is the primary attraction by the Occidental world of art. Having an exhibition in Paris, France, during this changing world of art, I foresee it’s an opportunity of turning point as an artist for Jihyung Kim whose work has been expression of her inward self, using only Korean handemade paper and ink.

Jihyung Kim’s work had once evaluated as oriental aesthetics having brushstroke of dynamism and restraint beauty of space resulted by chiaroscuro and shading effects of ink. I believe that the propensity of her work began and influenced by the oriental Zen ideologies, the concept of idle nature by Lao-Tsu and Chuang-Tsu, and the Buddhist theory of casualty. Especially, the artist’s aspirations toward selection and nirvana, deliverance and liberty have been all along expressed in her work of efforts, nirvana, meditation, etc. I think the artist’s inclination could have sufficiently contained her self-examination and her inner voice on white canvas and ink alone.

She perceives an act of work alone is one of mental disciplines and her preference to a method of containing momentary emotion also emphasizes her shaping mentality through instinctively expressing an inward world. In order to overcome fear, deep resentment, and shocking tragedies toward the future, Jihyung Kim quiets her thoughts then infuse the object discovered deep within her heart by lashing out impromptu brush strokes. The outcome of her life of strong will could be seen in her abstract form and space not bound by any shapely format.

May the freewheeling strokes evoked by the strength of intuition and spontaneity become deep resonant voice of one’s soul to bring a sense to people. I’d like to expect this Paris exhibition of works by Jihyung Kim be a forum which can provide better communication and interaction or exchange goes beyond the east and the west and also the Korean world of unique form be introduced to the Europeans.

Takyoung Jung/ Paris based artist / former Professor of Fine Art College Hongik University
(English Translation by Inki Welch of U.S.A.)