LE BALLON ROUGE Art Gallery is located at the prime location in Paris, Le Marais, where a number of art galleries are located, with strong cultural and artistic atmosphere, and a large amount of international visitors. The exhibition hall the Art Gallery covers an area of about 140 square meters, and is divided into two floors. The Art Gallery is devoted to exhibit Chinese and international diversified works of art to audiences, international artistic peers, and collectors.

LE BALLON ROUGE Art Gallery shall take advantage of its board artistic view, rich art resources, and international operating platform to enhance the art exchange and cooperative development between China and France, between western culture and eastern culture. We focus on the international cultural and artistic integration and communication, establish the mechanism for joint development by various means such as exhibition, academic exchange, and special topic promotion etc., strive to the effective opportunity for joint development, and spare no effect to enhance the positive interaction among domestic and foreign artists, art institutions, and art projects.

LE BALLON ROUGE Art Gallery in Paris which is full of strong culture atmosphere and vitality specially dedicates itself to helping the artists’ ultimate goal to exhibit their works in the important institutions in the world as well as the ultimate goal of private collection. This is also the reason why besides organizing exhibitions in Paris, LE BALLON ROUGE Art Gallery also devotes to help artists to publish collection of works and album of painting, become the gas station to promote the artists’ success, and provide a splendid stage for artists to exhibit themselves in Paris, one of the most important cradles in the development of western art.